kaizenQPI is an acronym for Quality and Productivity Improvement.

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TWT – Targeted Workflow Training (PDF)

QPI, Inc. was founded by Dr. Craig Hane, a disciple of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Joseph Juran and Rafael Aguayo – three great management gurus.

Hi, I’m Craig Hane, founder of Hane Training in 1980, and now a Director of QPI, Inc., a family of several training companies which probably can help you find an optimal solution to any training challenge you have.

I invite you to call me for a personal consultation to discuss your situation and find the best resources possible for your training needs.

812-332-8179 is my private number in Bloomington, Indiana.  Or email me at: craig@hane.com  You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Of course, you are invited to visit the Websites of any of the training resources we have to offer below where you will find a plethora of information.

But, the most expeditious way for you is to give me a call and let’s discuss your situation, and then I can direct you to the best person in our organization to talk with, or the best resource.

In the meantime you might want to watch my video of a discussion with a potential client/partner.

Here is a list of the resources our organization can offer you and your company.

I personally guarantee you the best value for your investment in any of our training products.

On-site Instructor Led Training (LMI)

Any Information Product on Maintenance

Books, CDs, DVD’s on many topics (IPS)

NEW Targeted Workflow Training (TWT)
www.qpi.com and  www.braincable.com

NEW Tutorials Online with Instructor (LMI)

NEW Tutorials (Recorded) Online (IPS)

NEW Practical Math (Dr. Del)

PrePress Training (PPT)

NEW SPC for Managers

What’s in it for you:

QPI will work with you and your organization to create and deliver tests and training (TWT) for your employees which will improve the Quality and increase the Productivity of your processes, thus improving your bottom line.

With NO up-front investment in TWT you will always pay significantly less than the value of your process improvements derived from the QPI training you will be giving your employees.

You need no special budget to utilize the QPI’s TWT technology.

Click here for detailed information on this unique opportunity, or call: Dr. Craig Hane, Chairman of QPI, directly at: (800) 777 0753.  Email Dr. Hane at craig@qpi.com

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